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NUMBERS AND WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT: CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning program. We don't just instruct exercise. We teach. Make no mistake. This is a "School of Fitness." You, the athlete, owe it to yourself. Consider yourself a student and keep learning.

Strength is measured in absolute max. or near max. efforts. The benefit of becoming stronger needs no explanation here. You need to know your relative strength. This is done by executing set and repetition schemes with full effort. The result is a number that shows you where you are. It's measured in pounds and critical to your success. Keep logs of your foundation strength lifts. This will also give you an idea of what loads to use in a conditioning workout.

Numbers don't only apply to strength lifts. Establish your relative strength in gymnastics movements by progressions and benchmark repetitions, typically 10.

Our WOD's are measured conditioning efforts typically referred to as "work capacity." Most often this is done under a time domain. By improving efficient movement you will improve work capacity. Of course there are many mental and physical aspects that will dictate how you perform but this gives us something measurable and repeatable. This is data you need to record. We are working hard to come up with a list of WOD's that are consistent. They will come up time and again.

CFVP WOD books are on the way. Purchase one. Go out and get your own. Either way you must get one. One of our requirements to move from Level I to Level II will be that you own a book and bring it to every workout. If you are currently in Level II classes and do not record your numbers, you will be asked to. This is not optional.

A few minutes spent each workout is a small price to pay to know yourself and how your numbers will give you a template to keep reaching your goals.