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Now It’s a Race


Now It’s a Race

Courtney and Margaret 

Event # 3 is complete and the highlight here has to be the women. Courtney Yuskis mashed the 3rd workout with a time of 5:47:44! This performance put her into 2nd place, and about 2 minutes behind the leader. Margaret Junker dropped to 3rd place and Rochelle Simmer has her sights on making up some time on the 4th workout. It's anyone's race to win now. This 4th and final workout leaves room for big margains. It comes down to pure will now. Good luck everyone! This has truly been awesome watching you ladies perform. We are all so proud of you. See  you in a few hours!

Here are the numbers going into the 4th and final WOD.

Karen Wilson- 24:08:69

Courtney Yuskis- 26:03:16

Margaret Junker- 28:00:36

Rochelle Simmer- 31:23:50

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