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Sebastian 2 
"No excuses. Where there's a will……there's a way"

CFVP would like to give a big shout out to Sebastian Perez. Sebastian has recently become a regular class member. He also recently suffered a bicep tendon injury which required surgery. While this would put alot of people out of the gym….it didn't slow him down. Sebastian underwent surgery and was right back in the gym with an arm brace. He cannot perform any movements with his right arm. It has been amazing to see him find a way to do just about every exercise in the book. You will see him doing front squats, overhead squats, deadlifts, presses, box jumps, cleans, and snatches. If that isn't enough he had also inspired us with one arm push-ups, one arm burpees, one arm pull-ups, and bear crawls. Sebastian is a true warrior, great person, and inspiration. We can all learn something from him. Great job Sebastian.

There will be no open gym this week for the 2011 CrossFit Games Sectionals WOD #4. If you want to perform the workout and be judged, please contact one of the owners.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: 1. Power Cleans/Squat Cleans 2. Front squat 5 x 3. Alternate with Renegade Rows 5 x 5 each arm. Both groups conlude with Good Mornings 5 x 5.

11 Responses

  1. Mandi

    Sebastian, you truly amaze me!!! To see you working so hard with the situation you are in is so inspiring. I enjoy seeing you at class and want you to know I think you are one badass crossfitter!!!

  2. herb

    This guy is incredible. When I create a WOD, he tells me "whatever.. don't worry about me". Single arm barbell thrusters….. sick

  3. Old Zim

    This guy is a warrior. Its impossible to take a WOD off when he's working next to you and kicking your ass with only one arm. It makes you want to work harder when you see him going all out with no excuses. Way to go Sebastian. Keep it up!!!

  4. Jake

    Sebastian is a "no excuse" kind of guy so it doesn't surprise me that he is still kickin' ass in the gym.

    Before that brace comes off i wanna see a single arm rope climb and single arm handstand walk!!!

  5. Tina

    Sebastian, you are so strong and dedicated to work out like you do with your injury! But please be extra careful…Herb, you know I had to throw that in!

    Tina Z.

  6. Cory

    Sebastian, when I feel sore or tired, now gotta think you are doing everything with one arm. Damnit! No rest for the Wicked baby! Good stuff bro!

  7. Eric Z

    He should give himself a round of applause…oh wait…nevermind.
    Seriously i watch him kick butt every time i'm there. great job

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