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New Levels


New Levels

If there is one thing that defines CrossFit, it's progress. Our program can be delivered to anyone willing to work hard, regardless of ability. The physical and mental rewards are priceless. It's why you're here. The difference between going through the motions and attacking your capabilities is the difference between failure and success. Set some goals. Always work towards a new skill. Earn the right to put more weight on the bar. Keep track of your numbers. Make the impossible possible.

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  1. Get it Girl

    I want to give a shout out to Tina Z for getting her first "no band" pull-up after 3 years of determination!!!! So awesome, never give up on your goals, anything is possible with God and hard work!

    Way to GET IT Tina!!!

  2. Mike D

    Thanks Sharon, I appear to be struggling with that rep. Jen and Janet look strong, it was great to see Tina get her first pullup and I am jealous of hurley's handstands.

  3. Lisa Moore

    Great job Tina. You have been working so hard and you look fantastic. The Z family rocks. Jen, Janet and Mike D, awesome job jon the rings. Melissa, beautiful form on your handstand. Very inspiring.

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