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New Athletes!


New Athletes!

Sunday WOD 3

" Countdown. 3-2-1….Go!"

We want to welcome some new athletes. Chris Carrier and his wife Jill will be starting classes this week. Jennifer Kahle will be joining them. Great job on the intros! Your continuing education starts now.

We had a group today try the "Hell's Half Acre" qualifier workout. Troy Hupp was at the regional qualifier and bested his time today by over 4 minutes! Great job everyone.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 4 X 8

"Hells Half Acre" WOD

-3 rounds for time

-10 Clean and Jerk (#155)

-Row 500 Meters

5 Responses

  1. Rich Hill

    Super improvement Troy. It was awesome to watch you and Dan go at this WOD. You guys can move some weight.

    This weight was a new experience for me, thanks for sticking it out with me guys. The coaching and cheering I got from Karen, Christina, Dan, and others was much needed. You guys are great!

  2. christina peterman

    When I asked Rich if he wanted to scale the weight down, he was NOT interested! SO cool to see someone tackle a weight that they know is going to test them. Great reward in sticking it out. Nice job Rich and to everyone. That was fun!

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