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Neil Jones from CrossFit South City always produces awesome videos! He competed in and filmed the Strongman/Strongwoman Competition at CrossFit St. Charles. Here is a video of the men’s events. Thanks Neil!

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH lunge 5 X 12 (6 each leg). Bench Press 5 X 8.


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  1. Gnat

    What a bunch of strong crazy nuts having fun!
    Amazing gorillas & Leaping frogs too & a very balanced Ingrid!
    I love the little kid with the walking lunges & the burpee!
    I love my crazy crossfit friends & family!
    You guys rock!

  2. Dan, you guys could probably get work in NASCAR in the pits….WEE DOOON NEED NOOO STINKIIING JAAACKS!! Josh, I think they're lookin' for cops in STL that can actually jump fences while pursuing Donut thieves…

  3. Dave Stitz

    I signed up fot the Oly class tomorrow, gonna try to do the 9am class in St. Charles and then drive out to VP, I hope its cool if I jump in a few minutes late.

    Dave Stitz

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