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Andy and Neil

"Neil and Andy digging into a Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifier WOD"

We want to give a shout out to Neil, Tina, Andy, and Kelly Zimmerman. Pretty cool when both parents, son, and daughter show up to battle it out. Do you make CrossFit a part of your family? Certainly we are a unique community bonded in the quest for health and fitness. Even if they don't CrossFit, you can always share the benefits of activity, good eating, and healthy living. The best way to stick to a healthy eating plan is to share it with your family members.

Robb Wolf is the nutritional instructor for CrossFit HQ certifications and provides some excellent information on eating.

Our weekly class schedule will include a daily posting on strength work. You will be able to see what foundational strength programming is on deck for each day. This will follow a 3 week rotation so you will get exposure to all the movements. We like to see everyone get exposure to deadlifts, squats (back, front, overhead), presses, and pull-ups at least once per week. Our basis of strength forms the pillar for increased fitness.  

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