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Natalie 2
Natalie 3

"Natalie Bess Looking Strong"

Say hello to one of our new members. Natalie Bess is taking her foundations and showing great skill and strength.

We will be announcing our teams for the Affiliate Cup Competition by the end of the week. Everyone is working hard to get ready!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Good Mornings, 5 x 6. Alternate with Skin the Cat on the rings, 5 x 3.


-5 stations. 2 minutes at each. 30 seconds rest in between stations. Total rep score.

-Clapping Push-ups

-Full Squat Box Jumps

-KB Ground to Overhead

-Barbell Thruster

-Row for Calories

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  1. Steph T.

    I had the opportunity to partner wod with Natalie her first day and she is already throwing a sandbag around like its nothing! Keep up the great work Natalie – nice to have you in class.

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