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Beauty and Strength


Beauty and Strength

Herb 2

This incredible picture was taken from the Swiss Alps. Herb Sayers, co-owner and trainer at CrossFit Valley Park and his wife Natalie (also a CrossFit trainer) were lucky enough to spend some time in such a beautiful place. I always thought I should keep my feet on the ground but after seeing this, I'm temtped to learn how to climb. Maybe I can talk Herb into having a little introduction to climbing?

It is easy to see how CrossFit really lends to outdoor activity, no matter how physical it may be. Strength in movement is so important. Climbing is just one example of using the whole body to accomplish a goal. True fitness is developing every piece of the musculoskeletal puzzle. Our goal: NO WEAK LINKS!

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  1. Dayna

    Herb and Nat,
    The next thing CrossFit can get into is planning an active vacation. I'm ready to try climbing a mountain!! We can have a few special classes to learn the intracacies of heart pounding high altitude activities and we'll be ready to go! Let's do it.

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