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Fighting for Progress


Fighting for Progress

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Who doesn't cringe when "Fight Gone Bad" pops up as the WOD? Many of us got to battle the 15 minute beast today. Pacing is extremely important when trying to maximize reps or minimize time of completion. It pays to develop a plan of attack. Certainly going all out initially can leave you stranded in the middle and end. A good idea for Fight Gone Bad is to calculate the number of repetitions needed each exercise, and each round to get your PR. I found that hitting that number, then resting briefly before the next minute starts can help to gain reps. I also like a few seconds to set myself into the rower since I will generally get good numbers here. I like to have the full minute. It is also always helpful to have someone coaching you. This saves you the time of writing down numbers, preparing your rower, and counting.

I big congrats goes out to Dayna Salsgiver and Sharon Dailey who got some impressive deadlifts tonight! Dayna marked her goal on our progress page to get a 200 lb. lift. I think it's right around the corner for her. If you haven't got your goals down, start thinking about it. As promised, I will be asking each and every one of you to get on the board.

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  1. Scott

    First time for me to do a real Fight Gone Bad, – 188.
    Next time, with more training time and application of the tips, I know I can improve.

  2. dan thacker

    Scott, Thanks for posting your comments! I think a gameplan with FGB is critical. It also helps to have someone keeping your score, setting up your rower, cheering you on, etc. It's always a gas but it's so rewarding watching those numbers go up each time you do it!

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