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Spoiling For a Fight


Spoiling For a Fight

Court and Neil 

Courtney  Natalie

Without a doubt, the concept II rowers are one of our favorite tools in the gym. Although it looks easy enough, it is loaded with technical elements that need to be practiced. Our goal is to get fluid with the movements and then to increase power/speed. While the on board computer can offer many kinds of feedback, the one to look at is your split time. This number generally tells you how fast you are rowing. Visit CrossFit Exercises and spend some time watching the videos. 

Our  2009 CrossFit Games athletes are looking strong! We have 2 men from CFVP trying out for the individual competition. We also have 3 people from Illinois who are visiting occasionally to train here. All 3 are also trying out for the individuals. Our Affiliate Cup Challenge athletes are really stepping it up. There are big PR's every week. No pull-up is complete without touching chest to bar. Every push-up gets to the ground. The barbell work is solid. The competition will be very tough but we are confident and hungry. We're getting ready to rumble! I'll be piecing together a video featuring our female athletes as they prepare for our tryouts in May.  

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