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Awesome, Inspiring……Speechless


Awesome, Inspiring……Speechless

Tryouts 1 

Tryouts 2 Jon Levy 1

Corey 2 Rochelle 1

I am speechless so this will be short for now.  The first day of our Affiliate Team tryouts was simply unreal. The day left everyone literally breathless and awed. The athletes showed grit, determination, and heart. A few exceptional moments stole the day. Corey Lewis was battered from heavy Fran. His hands looked like hamburger, leaving blood on the bars. He drove on past the point of pain, with the clock working against him. The time really doesn't matter. The effort was incredible. Rochelle Simmer battled to the end with the 100 lb. clean and jerk. No failed attempts or stumbles would stop her. Jon Levy met his nemesis with a barbell weighing significantly more than his bodyweight. The workout totalled 60 power cleans, 60 rings dips, and 1600 Meters of rowing. Jon knocked each one off, one by one until the clock stopped. Your efforts made us all better athletes today. You should all be very proud.

 Thank you everyone for coming out to support us. Everyone's help and encouragement went a long way. Kirsten Shafer provided these great photographs. This was by far the most exciting day in CrossFit Valley Park history. All of you have created an unbreakable community. From all of us, thank you. Results from day 1 will be posted later tonight.

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