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PR Time


PR Time


Nothing feels better than a nice PR. We've had some great accomplishments this past week. Awesome job everyone.

Several people are being very consistent with their Olympic Lifting. No other skill will be subject to ebb and flow more than weightlifting. If you are attending classes and want to maximize your potential it is important to guage what you are doing with regular CrossFit classes. If you get beat down squatting and Metcon the day before you lift you can expect to feel it. On these days you will want to stay light and work on technique and speed. The bottom line is if you want to improve you need to monitor your class load and make adjustments. To provide some kind of stucture you will see weekly programming for the Olympic Lifting classes monthly. We will follow the same pattern with the lifts through December. This will change in January. LIFTERS: START KEEPING NUMBERS!!!!! Lastly, you will see an "Intro to Olympic Weightlifting" class on Saturday, the 22nd. This is for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals.

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