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Saw this video on the CrossFit Santa Clara website. Had to post it. It's very inspirational! Christy Fisher has finished her intros and started classes. She also chose to jump right into the Next Level Challenge. Her e-mails have the quote posted below and we asked her if we could copy it. We think this really defines us here at CrossFit Valley Park. Look out for Christy! Welcome.

Our 2 individual competitors have been getting alot of press lately. It's really exciting to have them represent us as they go against the Midwest next weekend in New Town. We also want to mention Troy Hupp, David Cornthwaite, and Mike Walerius of CrossFit St. Louis who will be joining our guys in the fight to represent St. Louis. Check out 2010 CrossFit Games: "Head to Head" to see a cool write up on Jake and Josh. Check out those stats! 

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Friday Strength/Skill Work: Dynamic Mobility Warm-up. Push Press 3 X 5, 3 X 3. Practice lowering the bar and bending to absorb the shock of heavy weight. Alternate with OH squat practice using light weight and perfecting the movement!


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  1. Brandon

    Looking forward to working with you Christy! As far as the video goes I will never complain again, and if I do then somebody punch me in the nose.

  2. Sharon D

    Christy, Welcome!! Great video – very inspirational!!! Good luck to everyone competing in Sectionals – you guys are going to rock the place!!

  3. Lynn

    All I can say about that video is "wow." That guy is so amazing. As far Jake and Josh, you guys continue to inspire us all. Good luck next weekend!

  4. Em B.

    What an inspiring video! CrossFit changes everyone's lives for the better. It gives us something to believe in….like ourselves.

  5. Troy Hupp

    Thanks for the well wishes Dan. I am looking forward to the sectional next weekend. It will be a blast to see all these great x-fitters!!

  6. Christy fisher

    Thank you all for such a warm welcome. Can't wait to get to know everyone! That video is awesome! Just goes to show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

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