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Everyone has been waiting to hear about the Ultimate "Helen" 5K event. Well here ya go! This should be a unique challenging event to benefit the CrossFit Valley Park Affiliate Team and the Circle of Concern. There is something for everyone so get out there and invite friends and family! Download Ultimate Helen 5K Click here for the Event description Download Ultimate Helen Race Description. We hope to see you there!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Behind the neck Push Press/OH Squat. 5 sets of 3. Push press to an overhead position then perform an overhead squat. Alternate with a Core exercise of choice.



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  1. Chris Schwab

    I think all three of us are in for the ultimate Helen! Question though, are the one mile segments able to be ran pushing a stroller?

  2. jake

    New shirts are sweet. Hey Mike Shaw, who do you think the shirt model is??? Bet you can't get this one :).

    i was almost right on the "ultimate helen." i was only off by about 120 kb swings and 85 pullups! you're getting soft on them Dan!

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