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  1. Trey

    I loved this too, but honestly…the dude fishing? Seriously? Did we have to include every pastime? Why not show a guy fighting like hell to finish a puzzle. Or perhaps a dude braving a hot oven to remove his souffle. GRRRR…THERE IS NO SECOND PLACE…IN COOKING.

  2. Ernest Hemingway

    Oh it's on now. You just insulted the wrong guy!!! Let me put you on a rod with a 150 lb. Tarpon on other end. It will bring you to your knees and if you're lucky, I mean very lucky, you may get to claim victory and release him. Soaked with sweat, arms and back on fire from constant pressure on the rod, and you will see why fishing IS a sport. Now the dude with a high powered rifle and a scope? He may walk a long way to get his prey but that's certainly no battle.

  3. Quint

    Take it down a notch there, Old Man and The Sea. The guy in the video was in a bass boat on a pond…probably goin' for a lethal 150-ounce largemouth bass. Watch out! They'll gnaw your fingers right down to the…well, second layer of skin, maybe. And the only way I'm impressed with the hunter is if they drop him in the savannah wearing a loincloth and holding a knife. He brings down a lion without a scope and hypersonic rounds…I'm impressed.

  4. dan thacker

    Oh man! Gary Funk is gonna kick someone's butt. Bob Rowan, you hearing this about fishing? Back me up brother! Trey, I do agree about hunting. Kill it with a knife and I'll call it hunting.

  5. Mike d

    I enjoy the metallica one on a string quartet, anyone else grab that? Well done. Dan, new game, longest segmented diatribe of awesomeness about several different subjects. Fishing…sport, cheerleading…sport and great if you are a strong heterosexual, hunting…err if you're hunting grizzly bears with a pellet gun, bow and arrow, or a Bowie knife then I'll check off that box.

  6. Trey

    Well…CrossFit says there are 10 elements to fitness. I guess you could define a sport as something which engages at least one of them. Well, except accuracy, because I don't think darts counts as a sport. However, if you combined darts with 200M sprints in between turns–now you're talking sport!

  7. BMJ

    Well CrossFit's tenants of fitness are solid. Still, some of this can be subjective and there is room for more aspects. One could argue that almost anything is or isn't a sport. If darts are not a sport, you should support that with reasons why. And someone could argue with some degree of logic right back at ya. Interesting topic eh?

  8. David Cornthwaite

    It is Metallica's "One" performed by a group of cellists (spelling?) called Apocalyptica. I have a couple of their CD's and they rock some amazing Metallica!

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