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Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving


Tabata crew 

Tabata 1  Tabata 2  Tabata 3

Our last workout before that wonderful day of pigging out was 5 X 6 Tabatas. Our group was given 6 tabata intervals of 5 different exercises including rowing, push-ups, KB swings, push presses, and box jumps. We had a visitor from the windy city. Megan Toal stopped in for a visit and did great!

We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Take this time to appreciate all the good things around you. We'll leave you with some tips on keeping the belt in the same notch. See you all on Friday.

  • Graze as much as possible. Although taking in an absurd amount of calories is never good, it is a day to indulge. That surge of blood sugar can be stabilized just a bit by eating often throughout the day. Take time to taste your recipes, as always!
  • Load your plate with smaller servings and of course go back for seconds! Loading your plate to the edge will tempt you to eat everything at once.
  • Take your time! Chew, don't inhale your food. Eat slowly and you will feel full sooner. Enjoy the time by chatting while you eat.
  • Allow a break before you go for the pumpkin pie and ice cream. Let your food settle and you will enjoy the sweets more.
  • I would go on and on about eating the right things but come on, it's Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

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