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A Special Visit


A Special Visit

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The Saturday Olympic Lifting Workshop with Coach was a huge success. Over 30 people attended the one day event. We would like to thank everyone for coming. A special thanks goes out to Coach Burgener, Tracy Fober for making this all happen, and Orie Shafer for a delicious lunch.

For the trainers here at CF Valley Park, Friday had to be the highlight of the weekend. We were priveleged enough to have Coach Burgerner take us through a training session. It was enlightening to share stories and hear about his experience with CrossFit. Food and drink completed our evening. We all gained valuable knowledge as athletes and coaches.

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  1. What a night! Coach B is one inspiring coach. Watching him cue athletes was a great education. Being coached by him gave me some real clarity about how to proceed with learning these lifts. I can't thank him enough for spending the evening with us. It's inspiring to see such a gifted man at work, and his enthusiasm is contagious.


  2. brandon jackson

    Amen to everything you said Orie! I can't believe that I got so much out of such a short period of time with coach B. He's great!!!!

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