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Chasing “Helen”


Chasing “Helen”


Police 1  Police 2

I've been playing around with our camera settings in hopes of taking pictures with better quality. Our lighting presents challenges and it's a bit chilly to open the door and let some sunlight in. Anyway, the above facility pic is an experiment with 10 megapixels.

-We conducted an introduction with  several area police officers yesterday. One of our goals is to serve our local police and firefighters with a fitness program that will enhance their abilities to perform physically at their jobs. Emergency situations that require strength, speed, power, and endurance are a reality of what they do. When we speak of "functional" fitness, their requirements to perform well are a perfect example. Special thanks goes out to Police Lieutenant Scott Melies, an avid CrossFitter who is speading the word!

-"Helen" presents an ideal workout for them. Being able to move and perform after sprinting 400 meters is not easy. Fighting fatique and pacing your output may be more or less of a factor depending on the situation but when the time comes, we should strive to be prepared.


-3 rounds for time

-400 Meter run

-21 Kettlebell swings

-12 pull-ups

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  1. Dave

    It was great to finally get a workout in at CFVP. I really enjoyed myself. I will continue to spread the word about the gym and the crossfit WODs.

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