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Getting it “Right”


Getting it “Right”

Here's an old video worth posting again. Our workouts are designed to make you better. This doesn't always mean getting a faster time. Getting better means perfecting movement, getting stronger, developing skill, and increasing power output. Our "for time" philosophy that provides a framework for many workouts is designed to create more power output, work, hormonal response, and intensity. However we must always remember the progression. We need competent movement, strength, stability, and full range of motion. Without these things, time has no meaning.

We must make judgements on each individuals ability. We need to scale weight and use modifications that will optimize results. The athlete must also recognize these factors. Getting to know yourself is an integral part of fitness. These decisions don't allow changes in the movement or sacrifices in range of motion. Here is where we get better. Any deviations will not be productive for your goal of getting fit. Do it right. It is essential for your physical and mental progress.


"Strength, Power, Accuracy"

-7 Rounds for time

-5 Deadlift (60% 1 rep max.)

-10 Push Press (50% 1 rep max.)

-20 Double Unders

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