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Enjoy the video. Sorry if I didn't get everyone in but there were so many clips and I'm terrible with video editing!

Get ready for your PR! Remember we are having our "PR Event" on the 28th starting at 8 a.m. You will find space on the whiteboard to write down your goal(s). We look forward to cheering you on!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 X 5, Kettlebell Windmills


For Time:


-Row for calories

-Thruster (#95, #65)

20 Responses

  1. Margaret

    Love love love this video!!!! Awesome job Dan!!! Everyone looked strong!! It makes me want to do it all over again…..but not really.

  2. Karen

    You captured the feeling!!! That was too much fun!! although I didn't see Cory in there, can we have him redo all 3 wods at our box and we'll video him then??

  3. Canyon from CFS

    Great video guys. It was a pleasure to have you down at our box and a pleasure to see how you guys work out. We really saw were we need to improve.

  4. jake

    great video dan!

    karen, corey made it in doing kb swings but i still like the idea of him doing the wods again. maybe he can team up with bob and they can do the last wod together :)!!

  5. Corey

    I dont know about the idea of doing all 3 again, but I do want to do that 2nd wod so maybe everyone can join me for 8 minutes of fun!!

  6. Awesome video as always! I wish we could just team up and be one big gym! TNT really feels like family to VP and thinks that you guys rock! We look up to each and every one of your athletes and strive to be better because of you guys!

  7. Brody

    Karen, did you not see corey sprinting from his last run in the last WOD?? Maybe you were focused on me or better yet yourself! LOL…. It was a great video and thanks to everyone that got to videotape us down there!! I just cant wait for our team tryouts!!!! Not really though….. Corey, as for joining you, Im retired for awhile! Thanks again

  8. jake

    what's everyone going for on PR day?? i think i'm gonna go for max rep pullups but i'm not 100% sure. just curious if anyone else has thought about it.

  9. Corey

    Jake, I have been trying to figure it out too. Not sure what Im gonna do. Thinking something like FGB, murph, or something that I have not done in awhile.

  10. jake

    bob, how about a pancake fran?

    for time:
    21 thrusters, 21 pullups, 3 pancakes
    15 thrusters, 15 pullups, 2 pancakes
    9 thrusters, 9 pullups, 1 pancake

    maybe as a warm up you can chug a half gallon of milk too! i think that's right down your alley!

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