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Monday Strength/Skill Work: Bent Row 5 X 8. Alternate with a single leg movement. Some examples are single leg step ups, pistols, touchdowns, straight leg dead lift, box jumps, etc.

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  1. Steph T.

    OK, this does not encourage me it just scares the crap out of me! Keep waiting for someone to get hurt – probably the mother in me.

  2. Stephanie, Not the intention. I actually found some parts humorous but please understand, these are experienced lifters (most of them) who are attempting very heavy lifts. Missing a lift and knowing what to do minimizes chance for injury but you know what I'm about to say. We can get injured anywhere. Please don't be afraid of learning these awesome movements.

  3. Jon

    The thing that I find most inspiring in the video is that in many of the attempts, the first pull off the ground itself is heavy. Imagine struggling to get the weight up to begin with, knowing that you have to then chuck it up, pull under it, and stand! These lifters remind me that I can be lifting a LOT more weight myself with improved technique and speed. And I'll venture to say that the same goes for everyone who reads this. Happy Lifting,

  4. Jon

    P.S. I know this is one post late, but my instinct is pro zoos. Imagine no predators (not hard for us to imagine I guess), universal health care (VERY hard to imagine), having someone else make all your Zone-balanced Paleo meals, and being given a mate without any need for alcohol!

    What would animals prefer if they had a choice in the matter?

  5. Tawn

    Jon, Hilarious! I love your take on the mate without a need for alcohol. Do you think they have room in the zoo for me?

    Regarding the video–I recognize that form of failure and I will probably see a lot more of it in the very near future. Looks like me Friday UGH! Great video!! Made me feel better about the occasional bad O-Lift day. Thanks Dan!

  6. Brian R.

    Wow, I was watching that with one eye closed; thought we might get a replay of that one lifter in the Olympics who failed on a lift and basically ripped his arms off.

    Given that video combined with my vast knowledge and experience with lifting (going on almost 4 months now), I realize that I don't know the proper way of bailing out of lifts if necessary. Maybe that's something we could address during a class in the future.

  7. Brian, We don't perform these lifts in regular classes. The clean, jerk, and snatch are taught in the Olympic Lifting classes. We do address bailing out. There are ways to get out of a bad squat (front, back, or overhead). Maybe I'll try to put together a video.

  8. Mike D

    I learned the hard way that dropping the bar on your head in a failed OH squat is not recommended. Good thing I have a thick skull.

  9. Kara

    I like to see the mistakes too. When watching all the "pro-lifters" do perfect form all the time, it can be hard to learn and identify with. It looks so fast and so smooth, hard to see what's going on… Sometimes, I can find what I am doing wrong by watching an experienced person mis one or two lifts. Or at least it makes me feel better!!! Enjoyed the clip!

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