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More Lifts and a PR


More Lifts and a PR



Of we'll settle down with all the O-lifting videos but heck…is there anything more athletic and fun? Alot of people are getting the hang of this and the blocks are helping ALOT. We see some great things coming. Great job everyone. Dawn, Brooke, Katie, and Janet with a new PR.

We've had some input and it looks like we will put the Friday Olympic Lifting class back on. We may also have a 9:30 a.m. lifting class. The Saturday class will go back to it's original format. This is a max lift attempt on an Olympic Lift and a Strength Lift. Coaches will likely participate and give coaching cues but the other classes will be more for learning.

Lastly, thanks for everyone who came out for the TEAM WOD. The buddy carries were brutal. Remember it's a FREE class so come out and let's build some competitive spirit.

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