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Monday Strength/Skill Work: Power Clean Technique. Finish your strength work with 6 x 3 Front Squats. Rest exactly 1 minute between sets. If you're with a partner you'll have to alternate quickly.





-Wall Ball

12 Responses

  1. Jennifer Kahle

    Way to go, Melissa! I loved being able to watch my fellow CFVP-ers give it their all on Saturday. Very impressive showing. Next time I won't be a spectator.

  2. Sharon

    Melissa, congratulations!!! You are an amazing, dedicated, and hard working athlete and so deserving of first place!!!

    Congratulations to all the CFVP competitors on your awesome performances – so very proud of all of you!!!

  3. Melissa K.

    Melissa, congratulations on the first place finish! I wish I could've seen you in action. I'm sure your performances were amazing, just like you are.

    To all other CFVP participants….way to go!

  4. Kara

    Way to go CFVP! Jake, Cory, David and our Affiliate team members! Just love you guys all!!!! Hurley!!! Whoo hoo!!!! Get it girl, 1st place.
    You came to play…wish to have been there!!

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