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Monday, May 17th


Monday, May 17th

Please take note of our new class schedule.

Big thanks go out to Kim Wilkes and Matt at CrossFit St. Charles for having us out for the Strongman/Strongwoman Event! Matt came up with some awesome original events and we got fed with some great BBQ and smoothies. We appreciate you having us out. The following pic is of Josh Nimmo leaping over a BMW! No trick photography here. Unreal!

Josh Over Car

Monday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat technique. Take time to recognize flexibility issues and stretching movements that will help you get better at this technical movement. Alternate with Bent Rows 5 X 8.

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  1. Trey

    Holy crap! Christina's right…Josh looks like a gibbon, manuveuring his way through the rainforest. If the rainforest was full of ancient BMWs. And was paved. Still, that's definitely a monkey-man!

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