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Monday 8-11


Monday 8-11

Warm up to include individual squat eval.

Pick a Press! 5 x 5-8

Bench Press, Floor Press, OH Press, Push Press, Sots Press, Dips, BN Press, Snatch Grip BN Press.

Pick a Pull! 5 x 5-8

Pull-up, Weighted pull up, L-pull-up, False grip ring pull-up, ring row, bent row, single arm row.


EMOM 12 Minutes. If you get caught rest the following minute and continue. Burpees go up 1 rep each minute.

Competition: 3 Snatch, 2 burpees   #115/#83

Sport: 3 Cleans, 2 burpees   #115/#83

Performance: 3 Thrusters, 2 burpees   #95/#63


Beginner CrossFit Class

Warm up barbell Complex: 3 rounds 5RDL, 5 OH Press, 5 Back Squat. Warm up/teach hollow body/hollow rocks

(A)Learn Deadlift/RDL  (B) Deadlift 5 x 5 towards relative max

(A) Learn OH Press/Push Press   (B) OH press 5 x 5 towards relative max