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All details of the CFVP/Bar X Team Competition Qualifiers are on the competition page. We want to applaud everyone that competed and hope you enjoyed the experience so far. The finals are this Sunday, May 19th from 9 a.m.-12 noon. The top 3 teams from each gym will be here competing for the podium. We could use help with judging. If you are comfortable judging and available, please contact us. As always, everyone is welcome to come cheer the teams on.

Workout of the Day
Warm up 2 rounds continuous
20 Med Ball Rainbows (full squat with pass to partner. Wall Ball technique)
20 Med Ball Partner sit-ups (feet locked, passing the ball)
Back Squat
Warm up 12-10
4 x 8
Strict TTB or Hanging Wipers
Med ball V-ups, or Floor Wipers
(you can also do combinations)
4 x Max Effort

650 Meter Row
50 Push Ups
650 Meter Run
50 Push Ups
Scaling notes: reduce push-up repetitions
Large Classes will mix the order