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Rankings for week 1 and details for week 2 can be found on the CFVP/Bar X Team Competition tab. Week 1 brought out the fast paced endurance test with the triplet/row. It also tested sprint ability followed by a max strength effort. Robin Wilhelm got the best overall score in the triplet with a time of 3:35. Dwayne Sutter used solid and smooth technique on the rower to blast out 160 calories. Mike Bell..AKA…”Silverback” showed his brute strength with a CrossFit total of 1145 pounds. He also complimented that with a 3:40 total row time. Coach Steve Himmelman got the best row time of 3:37. Great job everyone.

Workout of the Day
20 Minutes O-lifting
-If you are proficient with the Snatch work on High Hang Snatch/Power Snatch
-If you are not familiar with the snatch, work on the Dumbbell Snatch and OH Squat
-you can start warming up your back squat during your O-lifting work.
Back or OH Squat
4 x 3
Warm up 7-6-5

Push up (keep your form!)
OH Lunge (with slam ball or med ball)
In between each round run 150 meters with your ball
Rx 50/30

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