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Monday 6-23-2014


Monday 6-23-2014

Warm up to include: Oh squat technique. Concludes with 1 set of 5 with 4 seconds in the bottom of each rep. Use bar or dowel

Floor Press 4 x 8. After each set perform 2 TGU, one on each side.

Pull up variation 4 x ME


Stagger Start for large classes.

50 Cal Row, 40 Slam ball, 30 TTB or V-up, 20 Thrusters (#135/#83)


Beginner Crossfit Class

Warm up barbell complex: 3 rounds 5 RDL, 5OH Press, 5 Back Squat. Warm up gymnastics push-ups, v-ups. Unweighted Windmills

(A) Learn Back Squat and Front Squat   (B)Back squat 5 x 5 towards relative max


Learn/practice KB Swing, Pull-ups.