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Our monthly programming cycle has changed and will hold for April-May. Our Tuesday morning Olympic Lifting Class starts this week. We have also scheduled a Saturday Intro to Olympic Lifting session.

The CrossFit Games Open has ended. We will post results Tuesday. We want to thank and congratulate everyone who participated in competing. We saw five very tough workouts and everyone did great. You may have found some things you want to gain more aptitude in. Remember there are no short cuts. Don’t get caught up in a mindset of instant gratification. Nothing worth having works like that and it’s no different in Strength and Conditioning. Work hard on your progressions and enjoy the journey.

Workout of the Day
Dynamic Warm-up
EMOM 5 Minutes: 7 V-ups, 7 Push-ups, 7 Squats
Push Press
Find your 3 rep max.
Finish with 30 OH Presses at 50% 1RM. Break it up as needed.
Lateral Lunges
4 x 5 each leg
Mobility focus with 2 second pause in the bottom of each rep.
Compare to 3-6-2013
8 Minute Time Cap
Buy in: 40 Lunges, 40 TTB, 40 KB Swings
AMRAP Clean and Jerk
RX 135/83 53/35

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