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MOBILITY. It's a vital part to any effective training program. It is a piece of the health puzzle that you can't afford to leave out. CrossFit in particular demands much more range of motion, stability, and mobility. Getting fit requires that you spend time working on your mobility.

You are all aware that a pre-workout warm-up prepares the body to engage in movements. What you may not know is that a post-workout routine will be equally as effective. Jared Van Anne has developed a post-workout mobility program that only takes a few minutes. Even though you're tired, this is prime time to take your muscles into a new range of motion. Areas to stress are the shoulders, lats, pecs, and hips. We'll be showing you some post-workout moves that can help you achieve better movement.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Sumo Deadlift 5 X 5. Alternate with Kettlebell Clean and Press 5 X 5 each arm.  

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  1. jake

    Kelly Starrett, owner of CF San Francisco and doctor of physical therapy, has a blog where he posts a mobility wod everyday. it's done prior to your daily wod and only takes 10 minutes. i spent most of the morning watching videos from past posts, and i'm going to start implementing it into my training. check it out!

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