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Missouri Athletes Represent!


Missouri Athletes Represent!


The first sectional for the 2010 CrossFit Games is in the history books. First of all a big thanks to Rochelle, Jeff, and all the staff at CrossFit TNT. They did a phenomenal job in hosting this event. Nobody knows the amount to work they put in to open their new gym to make this thing happen. Thanks to all the St. Louis Affiliates who chipped in with equipment, staff, and support. Thanks to all the judges and volunteers who put in their time to help out. It was another amazing event that really brought the community together and proved just how unique and lucky we are.  Lastly, congratulations to all the awesome athletes who put it all on the line through 3 very tough workouts.  The awards ceremony brought tears to our eyes. The coaches at Valley Park couldn't have been more proud to see Josh, Jake, and David step out into making the top 30! The top 5 got a special podium appearance and we all jumped for joy when Josh Nimmo got called out in 5th place overall. Another very special moment erupted when TNT's Paul Cegon stepped up to claim 29th place with an ice pack wrapped around an injured shoulder. Paul's story is an inspiration to us all. Mike Walerius and Troy Hupp did not make the top 30 but gave outstanding performances! One last shout out goes to our good friends from CrossFit Springfield. Both Jeremy Mhire and Brian Llewellyn made the top 30. It couldn't have ended better! Everybody enjoy a much needed and deserved rest.

Josh Nimmo- 5th Overall

Jake Howard- 9th Overall

Brian Llewellyn- 10th Overall

David Cornthwaite- 11th Overall

Jeremy Mhire- 13th Overall

Paul Cegon- 29th Overall

WOD 1 "Air Force" … [wmv] [mov]

WOD 2 "Clean and Jerk"…[wmv] [mov]

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 5 X 8. Alternate with dead hang chin-ups for max reps.

W.O.D. "Modified Air Force" Using 1 Kettlebell

-3 burpees on the top of each minute.

-In the remaining time, work to complete:

-30 Swings

-30 KB High Pulls

-30 KB Front Squats

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  1. Karen Wilson

    Jake & Josh so proud of you guys!!! I have been cheering hard from Quebec! Wish I could have been there to see it all happen! CONGRADS!!!!!

  2. Melissa K.

    Josh and Jake, it was a blast to watch you in action! I'm so proud! Troy, awesome job. It was so good to see you. David, it was nice meeting you and look forward to seeing you at CFVP!

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