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Mike E

"Mike Edwards hiding behind a great looking front squat"

Ailments, aches, tightness, strains, and injuries. They all come with the responsibility of owning a human body. It is important that we deal with these issues and finding a solution is never easy. The human body is extremely complex. Often we seek the advice of medical professionals. Unfortunately the guidance we seek is only as effective as the advice and opinions of that particular person. As fitness professionals we'd like to think that our efforts in helping people are in agreement with the medical professionals that our members seek when their  body is protesting. This is not always the case. We often hear things that we contradict.

Too many times we hear, "Don't do anything." People are often told to rest and use immobility as a way to let something get better. Obvioulsy there are  many variables to consider and in some cases, this is the proper procedure. However, time and time again we see people feel better with increased actitivy. This doesn't mean is has to be strenuous but light strength training, flexibility drills, and mobility drills may be the way to relief. This is something we observe and it is evaluated by trial and error. We continually see this work for our members. A joint or muscle is giving them trouble. The less they do, the worse it gets. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments that support your joints need to stay functional. Your body is meant to move!  It is important to stay tuned with the feedback your body is giving you but try to stay active. Be patient and you'll get back on track with your training.

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