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Mike and Jen in Hawaii

Mike and Jennifer Shaw just returned from a vacation in Maui,  Hawaii. We told them we better have evidence that they worked out and they produced! They got a workout in with CrossFit Up Country. Here they are pictured with Kaye. Great job Shaws and nice shirts!!! Way to represent.

We are glad to see many of you reading our Nutritional Blog. There are alot of questions as we approach our "takeoff" meeting on the 31st. Don't worry, we'll be answering them all. The world of nutrition is a vast sea of confusions and conflicting ideas. It's evident that even the "experts" have a lot to learn. It is interesting to know that our mental state has so much impact on our health and food decisions. Studies only go so far. It is hard to really test "long term" results and it turns out that emotions drive hormones which in turn drive metabolism. It is obvious that we want to do our best to relieve stress and rest well! Don't forget that rest and recovery are just as important as training and diet.

Thursday Strenth/Skill Work: OH Press 5 X 6. Alternate with OH lunges. Try using different varieties. Double arm, single arm, kettlebells, med balls, sandbags, and dumbbells are all options.


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  1. Mike Shaw

    Thanks for the welcome back.
    That would be an awesome field trip! I'm ready to go back right now.

    I have to go to a conference in Vegas next week. I hope I have time to "Rep our affiliate" there as well.

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