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Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Katie and David 

SF Group

Shannon 2 Shannon

Brian Josh ring dip

Everyone have a wonderful and great Christmas! We had a full house today with some visitors. David and Katie were in town and dropped by for a workout. Brian and Shannon from CrossFit Springfield joined Jake and Josh for a brutal WOD! Brian will be trying out for the Sectionals in February.

The class did an awesome job with our first "12 Days of Christmas" workout! Great job Kelly, Tina, David, Katie, Jennifer, Tracy, and Donna.

We have lots of dead hang pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, and one muscle up all on video! Congrats to these awesome athletes who have worked so hard to get them. We'll try to have the video up later tonight.

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  1. Josh Nimmo

    Why is Jake just standing around in these pics?? I mean I know he looks sweaty, but he really could've just went outside in the rain and stood around for a few minutes like margaret did… 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  2. jake

    Josh, I was standing around because I was waiting on you guys to finish! I'm surprised I still look sweaty as long as I had been waiting!

    Margaret, I was wondering why you reeked of wet grass and sweat! I wish I could have played outside instead of working out!

  3. Margaret

    I'm glad everyone can find pleasure in making fun of me….and ps…I wouldn't have been so gross if the stupid truck hadn't run through a puddle and soaked me right out of the door.

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