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Mental Energy


Mental Energy

Mike and Jen 

Jen and Lauren  Jen 

We are fortunate to have  a few husband and wife teams. Mike and Lauren Kaletta continue to improve. Lauren continues to lose weight and I have to take a second look everytime she walks in to make sure it's really her! Mike and Jennifer Shaw battled through their first day of being back since being ill. They both work hard each and every time they walk in.

Still, most of our athletes attend classes solo. There are not many people who train with their spouse. Often we hear that it is not easy to coach a spouse. However, it can be a great relationship builder. We learn alot about ourselves and each other through sharing the hardship of a tough workout. They will often find success together under the instruction of an outside coach. Have you considered asking your husband or wife to join you in CrossFit?

You find yourself fighting muscle fatigue, winded, shaky, and the finish line looks miles away. You know you can't quit but do think about it. Suddenly you hear people encouraging you. They demand that you ask more of yourself. Suddenly you don't feel so tired. You pick up the pace, telling yourself that you can do this. The mind asks, and the body delivers. Chip away at it until you've won. Enjoy the high fives!

 An athlete will find needed energy just from the voices of support. You can actually see them pick up the pace. It's truly a pillar that makes our family so strong. Thanks for supporting each other.

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