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Trial Run= Success


Trial Run= Success


Gals 2  Meet the first ladies to complete our 1/2 hour "Metcon" class. They walked into a tough battle. These classes will be designed to deliver alot of work in a short period of time. We all know these warriors and it's no surprise they kicked butt. Some shuttle runs added a nice finish.

Lynn Wilkes is our November Athlete of the Month. It's not easy walking into our program. You will immediately notice people around you who are fit and strong. On top of that, we may tell you that most everything you are eating isn't good for you. It can be overwhelming and we do our best to make you comfortable. Still, it is a test of determination and will. Lynn has been consistent, patient, and determined. She never hesitates to jump into difficult WOD's and hates to substitute anything! She has what it takes and it's paying off. I will have her story up soon. Take a minute to give her a big high five.

I can't take it anymore! My video camera takes excellent video but terrible pics. My former camera took great pics but terrible video. Go figure!  Time to get a nice digital camera. Any suggestions?

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