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Meet Team CFVP


Meet Team CFVP

Team 8 Team 2 Dan 2

Team 1 Team 5 Team 6

Our team is set and we are ready for Aromas! Here are the final results from the weekend. There is more to reflect on that just these numbers. There is a story behind them. The story is inspiring, dramatic, emotional, and just plain cool. It is being written in my head and soon to be on paper.

Jon Levy- 55:49                                                   Karen Wilson- 32:51

Dan Thacker- 56:02                                             Courtney Yuskis- 37:03

Brody Jackson- 67:55                                          Margaret Junker- 39:42

Corey Lewis- 68:12                                              Rochelle Simmer- 41:38

4 Responses

  1. Rich Hill

    Stellar performance demonstrated this weekend. Even though I have been doing CrossFit on my own for a year, I had yet to experience the competition aspect and the CrossFit community. The people I met this weekend were awesome. Everyone seemed to be quick on saying hi to both my wife and I. We both felt like we were welcomed within minutes of showing up on Sat. The WODs with judging brought out the competition flavor I have been missing. I truly appreciate Dan for allowing me to participate. Look forward to seeing you all again.

    PS – I hate burpees!!!

  2. bret kleefuss

    I feel fitter having watched the events. Nice work gentlemen and ladies…you are all pretty frickin awesome!

    And good WODs Orie and Dan…horrible, but excellent tests for the Games IMO.

  3. DanM

    Congrats to all the competitors, what a motivating weekend and excellent challenge to prepare for the Games! Everyone put what they had on the line and didn't hold back…simply awesome and awe inspiring, thank you!

  4. Dayna

    My hat is off to all the participants for all their very… hard work, ability to keep going no matter what, strength and committment. It seems all who were there were truly inspired by you as were those who were following on the Website!! Can't wait to hear all about Nationals.

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