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Luke Steffen: 3 PR’s in 2 Weeks


Luke Steffen: 3 PR’s in 2 Weeks



Luke Steffen hit 3 PR's on his Clean and Jerk over the last 2 weeks. It was really thrilling to see. Here is a slow motion clip of his last 2 efforts. The first is at #210 and the second is at #215. The following is a critique of his lifts. We hope that this helps everyone who is trying to get better at the Olympic Lifts. GREAT JOB LUKE.

  • Luke's starting position is solid. His angles are good. He could tighten up the shoulders and back just a little bit.
  • His first pull is solid. Notice his hips don't shoot up too fast. The bar sweeps in nicely close to his legs. He keeps his head and chest up. Very nice. Remember the weight is always wanting to pull you forward so you must always think about keeping it back. VERY IMPORTANT: Watch the bar travel up his torso. It is VERY close to his body. This is awesome. He is not "kicking" it out. If it goes forward he will have alot of work to get it back on plane and will have to move forward to try and receive it. Most heavy lifts would be lost.
  • His transition is great. You can see he's patient and lets the bar come up high to meet the hips.
  • His 2nd pull is timed well and his extension is good. However, his feet could spend less time in the air. He's been working on that. Remember you can't generate force without contact with the ground so you want to minimize this phase. He jumps forward just a bit…more so on the first lift which was actually lighter than the 2nd.
  • He receives the bar well with a good quick 3rd pull under the bar. He actually meets the bar in a power position and then lowers into his squat. In theory this tells us he is capable of more weight but speed getting under a heavy load is a VERY hard quality to develop. His elbows are quick and initially high. You will see them drop just a bit at the bottom. This will make the difference between a missed lift and a good lift. He "softens" just a bit here. Remember to stay tight in the bottom.
  • The Jerk looks great. He could benefit by dropping his elbows and trying to get a better grip on the bar. However, this is a flexibility issue. He may need to be here to keep the bar on his shoulders. A wider grip may help this situation.
  • He is just a little soft on receiving the Jerk. He should be punching his arms through the bar. We can see how it breaks him down briefly. Also, Luke tends to keep his head up. This is ok but you can see how it leaves his torso a bit extended. He should strive for a bit more of a "hollow position." Driving his eyes straight ahead could help facilitate this.
  • Overall, Luke looks solid. Great job.

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  1. Mandi

    Luke those clean and jerks looked really good! Your form and strength look solid! I am quite impressed! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Tina

    Luke, I've witnessed some of your PRs and they are very impressive! So happy for you! All the best in 2012–looking for more PRs from you! Go get 'em!

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