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Squat 2

Love this picture from our seminar with Mike Burgener. Why is he smiling? Another well known coach, I believe his name is Mark Rippetoe, may have questioned his stance on full squats with folks having very long femurs. I do recall he was going to send this photo to Rip. Really, I don't remember the exact topic but this goes to show you what a nice lifting shoe will do for your squat! Anyone see Melissa Kron today? Her squat was absolutely beautiful! I can't say the same for her PINK lifting shoes!

Even though our Next Level Challenge doesn't start until February 1st, we have begun posting on our nutritional blog. Interaction may just earn you some early points! Really, the information is very helpful so take a minute to read.

Sunday is rest day. Here is some exercise for your mind. Read Marketing Food for Kids. Think just for a minute on how much food advertisement we are bombarded with. Then think about how much of that is aimed at kids. Make no mistake folks. The food industry is not interested in our health or our children's health. They are interested in money, period. As parents, you have the power to make choices for your children. Considering the amount of junk food stimulus they are hit with (look at a school lunch room), you have a tough battle. 

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  1. Rochelle, This was taken last weekend. It was a private seminar limited to men and women over 5"8 in height so you were out, sorry. This was right after we opened up. Before I knew you! Our good friend Tracy Fober got him to come in. What a treat! Maybe we can make it happen again!

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