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Looks like CrossFit St. Charles is looking for some strong men and women to compete in a unique event this Sunday. This sounds awesome! Please contact us if you are interested in competing.

Trey Dowell wrote up an awesome recap of our Affiliate Team at the 2010 CrossFit Games North/Central Regional. This is good stuff. Thanks Trey! Download 2010 CF Valley Park Affiliate Team Regional Recap

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Gymnastics Skills. Choose any number of skills and drills and work!

13 Responses

  1. That's awesome. Very Well Done Trey! Love your sense of humor and quick wit as always! Ya gotta have that with this CrossFit stuff it also seems CF attracts people with a great sense of humor. Well…more often than not…ok, sometimes…sometimes humor is the only thing that can keep ya pushin through these ridiculously…uh.. fun…wods…

  2. Trey I was hoping for a little more embellishment, perhaps a rotting corpse or some poison in the paleo kits. Seriously, great recap, wish I could have been there to see team valley park overcome the odds and earn their much deserved spot at the games this summer.

  3. Sharon

    Trey, great recap!!! It was awesome – almost just like being there watching every event and every rep!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone who wished they could have been there!!!

  4. Mike D

    Kind of felt like I was reading "Stand By Me". Great read, awesome recap, and I got to reflect on myself and grew up a little inside in the process. Great job, Trey. I would buy the book.

  5. jake

    awesome recap trey! i couldn't stop reading it and i already knew the ending! it actually brought back some of those crazy emotions from the weekend and i started getting butterflies again, no lie.

  6. Melissa K.

    Trey, what a great read. I was hanging on to every word. Thanks for making me feel as though I was in Denver. Well done!

  7. Trey

    Thanks everybody! Easy to write a compelling story when you're given great source material…it was an honor to be there!

  8. Bridget

    WOW! Trey – you are good! As a relatively CF newbie had no idea what this entailed. Description was so great I could "see" each event.

  9. Tawn

    Thanks people! Now I will need to let the air out of Trey's already larger than average head just to get in the car with him. Seriously, Trey's the best friend anyone could ask for, and I'm very grateful to be his #2 best friend in the world!

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