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CFVP In the Mix


CFVP In the Mix


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We want to applaud everyone who challenged themselves with the CF Games Sectional WOD 12.2. This aggressive snatch ladder tested everyone to their limits. Limits were busted down as many people hit PR's, even after 60 repetitions with lighter weights. It was hard for us to keep track of them all so please post your accomplishments to our comments! As we develop a stronger base for teaching the Olympic lifts, we hope everyone can appreciate the importance of having solid technique. We hope you are all eager to learn more and get better.

STANDINGS UPDATE: As of right now, CFVP is 18th in the North Central Region out of 131 teams. We are ranked 205th in the world out of 1790 teams. OUTSTANDING!!!!


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  1. Jenn K

    Loved watching evetyone yesterday! Great job! I got 50 and feel pretty good about it. As always, there is room for improvement.

  2. steph T

    You guys were all amazing, so impressed that everyone embraced such a technical lift. CFVP has some pretty fine athletes.

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