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Look to the right and you will see a photo album from our Christmas Party. There are some very entertaining shots so be sure to take a look!

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Weighted Step-ups. 5 X 8 each leg. Alternate with chin ups. Alternate with thrusters 5 X 8. This is a strength/power circuit. Go through all 3 movements with no break.


-100 O.H. Lunges

-40 Cone Touches (30 ft.)

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  1. gnat

    Oh what fun we all had!
    Great pics from the paparazzi!
    After all of the sweat & hard work we go through together at the gym…It's nice to see all the smiles at the party that show we all have lots of fun together too.

    Dude…did Josh & Margaret get dropped off by the same spaceship?

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