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Lisa and Kimberly


Lisa and Kimberly



Lisa Schuchardt has been doing great. She's getting stronger and faster everyday. We'd like to applaud her consistent effort. We would also like to welcome back Kimberly Larson. Kim took a little break but she's back. It's great to have you back Kimberly. Keep up the strong work ladies.


-Our first "Guy's Night" is next Friday, March 2nd. Please be on time. We will start warming up at 6:30 p.m. Remember if you are bringing a friend, please contact us first.

-If you register for the 2012 CrossFit Games Open, remember to place yourself on our team. CrossFit Valley Park. You will see a link to find your Affiliate Team.


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  1. Chronologically this interview heppenad first. My hour long ramble with Lisa warmed me up for my more succinct and focused interviews with Faith Journal and ChristianWeek Ontario It just wasn't published until now.(Are those other interviews posted online anywhere? I'd love to link to them.)

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