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"Lining up the 3 bars for "Linda"

IMGP1131  "Linda" is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of deadlift (1.5 times bodyweight), bench press (bodyweight), and clean (3/4 bodyweight). Prescribed weight is not for beginners!

Many of our exercises involve going overhead. One thing that often gets overlooked is positioning technique. These movements don't involve the actual lift but are used to get the bar into correct position and returning it safely to the rack. Here are some tips.

-Approach the rack from the front. Backing up to remove the bar is tempting but when you return the bar, you need to be able to see where you are going. You also need to clear the pegs which are shorter on the front side.

-When taking the bar for "front" positional exercises such as overheard presses and front squats, place yourself under the bar, position the hands, and use your legs to lift the bar off of the rack. Never return the bar by extending the arms or throwing the bar forward. Remember weight should always be kept over your base, which is your hips and feet.

-When taking the bar for "back" positional exercises such as back squats and overhead presses (yes, we can press from behind the neck), duck under the bar and place it on the trapezius muscle, not the base of the neck. Stay directly under the bar and lift the bar off the rack, using your legs.

-Once we are overhead, we need to lower the bar before returning to the rack. The preferred technique is to actually let the bar drop quickly, but with control, landing on the trapezius muscle. The movement should be anticipated and met with a "dip" of the hips and knees. This will soften the landing. The need to do this will increase as the weight increases. Practice the movement even when using light loads so you can become more accurate.

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