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Life is demanding and often you may find yourself  just not doing enough for you. While providing an effective path to health and fitness CrossFit can give you something to call your own. Go and get yours!!!

If you ever experience a switch going off in your head during a workout that takes you to a higher level, you haven't discovered something new. It's been there all along, inside of you, waiting to come out. This is a time to get determined and even angry! Anyone who saw Kara Funk grab that pull-up bar and rip out those final pull-ups witnessed this and it was awesome! She simply would not be denied.

Kara 4

Be sure to check out all the individual results from the Affiliate Team Competition! Very impressive everyone! Individual Results

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 4 X 6, Ring Dips/Assisted Ring Dips


5 Responses

  1. Tawn

    Kara, Monica, Tracy and Darby shocked and surprised not just us, but themselves during the challenges on Sunday. Soooooo proud of every single Valley Park athlete there! Kara and Mondic you should know that there are new standards for both you (in my eyes) and we will all be working on the big boy bars together now.

  2. Karen

    OK I felt like I was back in Aromas when Jolie started doing the butterfly pullups and the crowd went crazy!!! Thats how it felt when I saw Kara explode! That was awesome! Something took over and Kara went nuts!

  3. Chappy X-fit Littleton

    Hey guys its Chappy from Crossfit Littleton in Denver just wanted to drop you guys a line and see how everything is going. Make sure if any of you guys make it here to ski this winter you stop in and say hi.

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