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News and Views


News and Views


  • Lauren Kaletta has lost another 13 pounds! She is also showing great progress in her movements and workout capacity. We brought out some wheelbarrows for Wednesday's class and she showed alot of heart in completing this difficult exercise. Keep it up Lauren!
  • Sharon Dailey was the only female to show up for our Thursday night class. Not only that, she had the company of three male trainers! Sharon was not intimidated. Bring it on!
  • Speaking of confidence, here is a great post from Kim Wilkes of CrossFit St. Charles. Stick It! . We have all been here before and we have all experienced that great feeling of turning apprehension into confidence.
  • CrossFit St. Charles will be hosting a Gymnastic Skills workshop on November 23rd. I am asking everyone to attend if possible. This will be a great opportunity to learn from a Gymnastics instructor and we all know how hard these movements can be. It will be worth the effort and it's a great way to support our local affiliate!

    Download G2Gymnastics_Workshop.pdf

  • CrossFit Valley Park will be initiating some changes. Our introductory program will move away from one-on-one sessions and replace them with "Elements" classes for beginners. We will also be adding classes to the schedule. Stay tuned.
  • We're all set for our Friday night "Firebreather" workout. We'll have some post workout food. However, if you wish to indulge in adult beverages, please bring your drink of choice.

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