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Mike and Melissa

Laura DeMarco 370lb Deadlift – video [wmv] [mov]


Watch this impressive deadlift. You are going to notice something that will be evident in any true one rep max. attempt. The "cat back" posture that will occur is certainly not ideal and unless you are extremely experienced and strong, you should avoid this position. This is why we generally stay in a 3-5 rep range when building strength in the deadlift. It's important to remember it's not always the weight but the position that causes injury. Focus on midline stabilization while you get strong!


For those of you learning how to perform Olympic lifts, please observe the picture. We always stress foot positioning and many of you still want to start wide, in more of a landing position. Aside from the split, your feet will either be in a pulling (jumping) position or a landing (squat) position. You are going to get maximum power in the jump with your feet under your hips. Work on accuracy when shifting the feet.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 X 3. Alternate with Wall Ball, 15 reps each set. Try and work your way up to the #20 ball. Drive with the hips!


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  1. Margaret

    Lookin good Mike and Melissa!! Mike, I have finally found the answer to our debate about blood thinning and I will type up a full blown report on it and personally hand it to you in May!!

  2. Mike E.

    Margaret, I don't think I want to see the full blown report, your exclamation points tell me I'm wrong – maybe!!!…and Melissa, the chick behind me was just getting ready to show me how it's supposed to be done.

  3. THAT deadlift is gonna leave a mark…maybe the next morning when she woke up to get outta bed…? I didn't see any disks hit the wall behind her surprisingly…?

  4. Chris, Don't assume she felt ANYTHING from that lift. I'm sure she was fine. Any true 1 rep max. effort will look like this, some even worse. Like I said, this will generally be tolerated by very experienced and STRONG athletes ONLY!This was not meant to scare people, just an amazing feat by an exceptional athlete.

  5. mike d

    you guys remember that video of the guy faceplanting into that rack of weights? That is what I would look like if I tried to look at that amount of weight.

  6. Yep, some lifters can do this repeatedly and not have effects. But there are many who cannot tolerate it and it only takes ONE minor error to cause major problems. Then there are long-term implications of frequent loaded lumbar spine flexion, over time. Ya just don't know what things will be like in 10 years. Youth and strength can be exhilarating; age and arthritic changes are humbling.

  7. Yea, I don't wanna take anything away from the accomplishment, as lifting that much is a crazy awesome thing for sure ! (I would have said, "for a woman", but knowing she's a CrossFit woman, and now having personally met some CF women that can and will kick my arse in a hurry, I won't say that..) It just looked a little…painful…I guess I'm sayin' that me, myself, and i woulda felt that the next day… Or perhaps I wouldn't have, had I the experience and conditioning she has…?? But at this point in time, I'm not sure I could do that for a one rep max today…maybe tomorrow…next week..? Okay, maybe this time next month… 🙂

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