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Know when to fold ’em


Know when to fold ’em


It's good to test your limits. It's also good to know how to recover when you don't pass the test.


Monday strength/skill: backsquat 4X10 work on bail out technique on last rep of each set. Alternate with gymnastic skill of choice (note: not the Airdyne)

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  1. dan thacker

    Ok just to be clear i am out of town. Someone sure is a clever blog poster. Shaw…..your next experience with me will be epic.

  2. Trey

    Uh, Mike…do me a favor and e-mail me your workout schedule for the next couple of weeks. No pressure, I just wanna make sure you and I share ZERO classes in the near future.

  3. Dead man walking

    I knew you were out of town. Just checking to see how far out of town you were. Evidently not far enough…
    …by the way, who let Herb be in charge of the intranets while you are away? He makes it SO easy it can almost be considered a group effort.

    -OH and Trey, Make sure you come to the same classes as me…most likely you will be doing a separate WOD anyway 😉

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