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Seated KB

Kevin and Bridget have been consistent in their foundations training. You may see some other new faces including Rebecca, Carrie, Gloria, and Charley. Everyone is doing great!

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Seated Dumbbell or KB Presses, 4 sets of 10. Alternate with Dumbbell or KB snatches, practicing the skill.


10 Toe to Bar, 20 KB swings, 25 push-ups, rest 1 minute

15  Toe to Bar, 25 KB swings, 30 push-ups, rest 1 minute

20 Toe to Bar, 30 KB swings, 35 push-ups, rest 1 minute

100 Walking Lunges


10 Responses

  1. Brooke

    Thanks for posting my buddy Bridget on your site! I was wondering when I would see her, and kept harassing her about it! She's worked so hard and come so far over the past year, and grateful she is embracing CF as a means to continue her road to a fit lifestyle! Keep it up Bridget!!! Thank you Crossfit Valley Park for supporting her along the journey!

  2. dan thacker

    Brooke, Thanks for posting! Bridget is super motivated and works very hard every time she's here! We're really proud of her. Forgive me for not getting a pic of her up sooner. It's simply being lazy with the camera!

  3. Stephanie T

    I got to work out with Kevin and Bridget last week, and they did awesome! Good job to both of you – hope youve added stretching to your routine 🙂

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